Welcome to 6876 Modern Studies

In a former life as a menswear buyer, my roll was to seek out new brands which would be the ‘next big thing’ whilst maintaining the sales and progression of existing ones. It was pursuing the former when I met Kenneth Mackenzie in 1995. Far from the sanctuary of plush central London showrooms, I had to get the tube out to the slightly more moody surroundings of Sheppard’s Bush (moody when your bouncing around in an Armani suit and a posh bag like a really shit Richard Gere with a ‘mug me’ sign on his back). So eventually I found the address I’d been given which was a terrace house with a small garage built into it. The garage door was ajar and inside was the Man himself working away in what was at the time his impromptu studio. Little did I know what he would go on to become.

I never did do business with Kenneth back then as he didn’t conform to the laws of retail with at least two extensive collections a year required, hence why his cult label has never been stocked by all the obvious ‘big players’ and to be honest I don’t think he gives one fuck as that’s just how he likes it. Many years later I convinced him to do a one off red Capandula (limited to100 pieces) for my former employers but once again it went no further as they couldn’t understand how he worked with a laid back attitude towards making money as it was the product he cared about and wasn’t prepared to be rushed or cut corners.

So for years 6876 has been like the one that got away. Since my return to retail I have had several conversations with Kenneth about doing some form of seasonal collection so I can selfishly stock it and cherry pick a few bits for myself, but more to the point how does he even survive with this none conformist attitude? I don’t know or ask but finally he’s caved in and given us ‘Modern Studies’. Modern Studies is a sub brand of 6876 received with plenty of underground plaudits. We like to think we are a little none conformist in what we stock so feel this is perfect in our stable. Oh and if your wondering where the name comes from in the main Man’s words ‘the 68 relates to the Situationist inspired uprising in Paris and similar events in the USA then 76 was related to Punk rock/Soweto uprisings etc basically tumultuous social/political events’…… heavy la but his gear is cooler than the other side of the pillow on a Summers night in 76.