adidas Tobacco – Made in France

    The adidas Tobacco that were made in France are probably the most iconic of all the guises that there have been of the model. With its simplistic shape and easy lines it was the quintessential leisure shoe. Serving no actual sporting purpose, the Tobacco was strictly for fashion.

    Released in the early ’70s, the Tobacco has been a regular re-issue from adidas through the years and is still available today, although the shape has lost a little bit of appeal through the years as the shoe seems to have become generally bulkier all around.

    Although curiously none were made in Germany, they were made pretty much everywhere else, including Morocco, Canada, Hungary, and Slovenia to name but a few, and available in various muted colourways and finishes, including a rather strange woven affair in leather, but the original issues from France are the ones that are a collector’s favourite.

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    adidas Tobacco, Made in France


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