80s Casuals Book – Softback Edition


A  Limited Edition of just 500 A4 Books.

The long awaited re-print of what has now been described as the pictorial bible of Casual attire which made the 80s such an acclaimed decade for British street fashion.

This 168 page full colour publication with over 300 photographs focuses solely on items of clothing worn by the football Casuals/ Dressers/ Boys/ Chaps on the terraces up and down the country during the 80s period. It is not polluted with references to “hip hop” or “sneaker” culture.

Containing actual detailed photos of the original trainers and garments worn as a burgeoning youth culture emerged. Photographed in backdrops from Bethnal Green to Milan, the theme is a tongue in cheek look at how upmarket sportswear, produced for the affluent folk of Europe, ended up predominantly in the hands of working class kids on the run down council estates of Great Britain. 




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