Achrome by Transalpino


So round these parts we love our terrace culture, it’s history, and the dress code derived from it, but if there is something we like even more it’s garments that are a bit Lionel Messi. We already use the finest quality products for our designs and had a task on our hands to find something even more luxurious to compliment this new direction or ‘add a string to our bow’ if you like…. but we did.



Achrome is French word meaning ‘colourless’ which is a nod to our monochrome logo for this range and the very muted darker shades chosen for the pallet. The imagery is all inspired from a very North West centric point of view, both historically and right now reflecting our illustrious culture.



Released later this week in slightly neater silhouettes, expect some deeply thought through designs that not only look good on but may just make you and others in the know smile.