Introducing Fracap

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Fracap was born in 1848 by the 2 brothers Alfredo and Giovanni Cappello who followed the father’s job of shoes maker since 1908.The company started his story in the city of Monteroni that is very famous for shoes makers since the beginning of 19th century. As its launch at the begining of nineteen nineties the company provides managed to be a leader through this field. Today over a hundred or so and 20 or so online gambling dens are using Microgaming’s gambling application and the amount keeps growing. Today the factory is still there. In the beginning Alfredo and Giovanni produced strong and quality shoes for agriculture but in 1987 Alfredo’s sons, Antonio and Michele, started a new era for Fracap.

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In 2002 Antonio and Michele introduced a new model of hiking boots into the casual and street fashion arena, the M120 which was an amazing success. Today the M120 is one of the most iconic boots in fashion and is known almost all over the world. However the true beauty of Fracap is their ability to produce bespoke models in a variety skins, colours, soles and laces details to cater for the individual requirements of the stockist which is exactly what we have taken advantage of at Transalpino offering a fresh new outlook on these boots not seen anywhere else.

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