Introducing Back To Alaska

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We’re not gonna lie we’ve had an amazing opening 18 months which would never have been possible without the support for what we do from the purchases of our customers. This has give us a springboard to push forward with the same manifesto on clothing as we have applied to our footwear. In a bid to offer garments which are not available on every high street, we seek out brands which are fresh, exceptional in quality and inspiring. This is a policy that seems to have struck a cord with many, even down to the back street hard to find nature of our store, appealing to a certain type with a nature to hunt and gather rarer treasures rather than just take what’s put in front of them without question.


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So this brings us nicely onto our latest find which we don’t mind admitting we are feel just a little smug about. Back to Alaska is a French brand founded by owner Jacques Loyer in a bid to bring a slope worthy jacket to the people of France for a fair price (that’s Jacques above in his Al Bundy’s).1171-thickbox_default

His garments are filled with 90% duck down and 10% goose feathers which match many product of a far high price tag and much wider availability, achieving an extraordinarily warm yet light product which is now available in the UK exclusively from Transalpino from the end of this week.