Bouncing Back – The Return Of Ball


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BALL was conceived in 1974 by Aldo Ciavatta and owned by his company CFM International Spa, Italy. His goal was to create a range of basics aimed at teens. From 1974 to 1985, Dutchman Henri Fetter acquired the production and distribution rights for his company Benelux and started distribution in Germany in 1977. BALL was at it’s peak in the mid 80s when their jeans in particular were de rigueur amongst UK match goers, earning their place in the terrace culture hall of fame. Their distinctive sweats hung on a little longer and were seen crossing over into the rave scene at the end of the decade. 


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Whilst their sweats were renowned for bright colours and large graphics, their jeans were loved for their roomy thighs tapering down to a narrow bottom which would perfectly showcase your footwear of choice. Probably the most iconic of all their products was the carpenter jeans with the side leg opening affectionately referred to by many as ‘the spanner pocket’.


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In 1989, when Ciavatta’s company was facing bankruptcy, the Stefanel company aiming at the jeanswear market, rented all of its labels. Stefanel’s newly founded Compagnia Finanziaria Moda srl kept Ball until 1991, but after CFM International Spa’s declared bankruptcy and subsequent auction, the label sadly be came defunct.


Jeans Ball, Ciao, Armani and Lois


Fast forward 26 years and the label has finally been resurrected by a UK based enthusiast who’s intention is to work from the top down, initially producing quality tee’s, sweats and head wear, followed be the jewel itself the denim. Keeping with our tradition of offering small underground labels at Transalpino, we are proud to be selected to spearhead the relaunch of this forgotten gem in the coming weeks.